Jorge was very friendly and informative. They did a great job on my van when it broke down while in the Bay from Chico. They even fixed it on a Sunday! Thanks Jorge!
— Nikole E.
these guys got my father in-law in last minute on a saturday, and fixed his idling issue in a jiffy! great service!
— Chris R.
JEV Automotive is thorough, timely, honest, amiable and efficient. They inspect everything to make certain all is safe and only repair what is truly needed. I appreciate that. Nice guys! They work weekends and I will continue coming here. You can trust them to do what they say they will do in a reasonable amount of time.Give them a try ~ you will be happy you did. I have been coming here for years, because of the trust bond they forge. Jorge is the man!
— Christina G.
There are repair folks, and there are wizards. Jorge is falling into the wizard category! From an old Civic with a bad water pump to a Jetta with a bad battery drain problem, he traced down the problems and got them fixed right, and at a really good price. I will be taking all of my maintenance problems to JEV, as I am really gassed that there are still great repair places, even in Marin!
— Michael M.
Highly recommend Jorge. He went above and beyond in trying to figure out what was wrong with my older car. I took it to 4 other garages and they couldn't 't figure it out. They just kept throwing things at it and making me spend money, but it wouldn't fix the problem. Jorge fixed. Hallelujah. He was very kind and easy to understand and answers my questions thoroughly. His customer service is fantastic.
— Victoria W.
I went in and spoke with Jorge. I asked him for an appointment same day and he made room for me. I had him check out a car before I bought it. He found that quite a bit of work needed to be done. He was very kind and honest. Ended up not getting the car on his recommendation. I will definitely go back next time I need his services.
— Holly G.
I brought a 2006 Boxster S in for a pre-purchase inspection. I worked with Jorge and was impressed because he was as into cars as I was. He discussed my concerns about the mechanics and maintenance schedule extensively and helped me make the best decision on whether or not to buy that car.

I'm now the proud owner of a Boxster S! Thanks, Jorge!
— Frank L.
Jorge (George) knows his stuff. Did an inspection on my newly purchased BMW 318i
and told me the truth. As a woman customer I appreciated that he took the time to explain all the fine points and laid out the estimate. It was fair and reasonable for the work that needed to be done. I will refer others to him and use him myself. He put on a couple of belts for me and the car was ready when he said it would be. Well run shop and clean. Thanks Jorge.
— Robin L.
So there I was with my first flat tire, safely parked in a parking lot at least. I freaked out, got my car fitted with a donut and ran home to tell Jorge my latest problem! Backing up... I'm a single mom of three very young children and I have a hour plus commute to and from work every day. With only one car, I must know that my car is properly maintained. I've been going to see Jorge and his incredible staff for my Volvo maintenance needs for about two years now. He knows I've only got the one car and often takes extra care to make sure I can get to and from his shop. Back to the flat tire dilemma... I called, texted, emailed, sent out a flare... and sure enough Jorge and his team were right there ready to help. He got my tire changed out in record time. He's even had my car cleaned before when I wasn't even expecting it. My advice is, if you have a luxury, or a pseudo luxury car (like mine) you can totally depend on the honest folks at JEV Automotive to treat you right.
— VC
Good honest dealings going on here. Appreciate Jorge and his professionalism and competence. Give them a try- we were not disappointed :)
— Mercy G.
Incredible service!! My "service engine" light came on and I was experiencing horrible misfiring and they were able to schedule me the following morning. Jorge was very thorough explaining what needed to be replaced in my BMW 328xi and kept me up-to-date what was wrong with my car. He was also amazing at keeping with the quoted time required with servicing my vehicle. I went to a different auto shop and they ended up requiring more than double the time they estimated to change my rear brakes and rotors. I definitely would recommend J.E.V. Auto and will be using them again!!
— Alicia M.
I take my car to Jorge whenever it needs anything. In the 5 years I have lived in this area, I have taken it to a few different places. I just couldn't find any one that had the right combination of honest and friendly. I live very close to JEV so it was a shot in the dark. There are a lot of high end mechanics in this area. They all charge ridiculous prices for the most basic stuff. I would be better off going to the dealership than them. But not at JEV. Jorge is always very honest and easy to get a hold of. He explains things to me like I'm 5 (Which is a good thing!). I bought my tires there and now he gives me free rotations. He even drives me home and picks me up when my car needs work. 5 star service!
— Sylvia L.